Friday, October 8, 2010 coffee without sugar?

Note : This entry is a self reminder for happyDoc too : )

When we look at other people, how many time you say this to yourself ?" Look at him.
He had everything, he got the looks, wealth, fame and friend. How I wish I can be like him. "

This is normal... Yup. It is normal to have this kind of reaction.
We only see how lucky other people and how unlucky we are...
But sometimes we need to sit and take a step back and appreciate on what we already have. (Yes you already have a lot, it just you don't appreciate it, and you asking for more? you greedy creatures he he..)
and if you appreciate it you life will be more meaningful, happier and you will be surprise a lot more will comes..... ho ho ho

Remember, the field is always greener on the other site : )

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Striking comeback?

Yup i t has been a year i stopped writing. I must put the blame on the facebook which has make blogging less popular he he... Now everybody is so into facebook, twitter, blackberry, iphone and ipad he he

For the past 1 year i have made new friends, challenge myself with new adventures and even learn from mistakes i made. I'm sure past 1 year is best time and worse time for some of us : )

This Ramadhan is the best, i must say : )
I meets a lot if new friend but at the same time the friendship with my "old" friend remains strength and even closer : )

Hurm...One of my friend said Aidilfitri is less merrier as you grew older (he trying to say its getting boring he he)
But i did not agree with him.

Aidilfitri is the reflection of our self...
Getting older is not necessarily you becoming a boring person...
It how brilliant/creative you are to make your life fun, interesting and lively ; )
When you grew older err I mean mature, you must not think about yourself
Sometime when you make others life cheerful and happy, you will find yourself happier
Happydoc comment : try it yourself, you can never regret!