Sunday, September 28, 2008

There only 2 days left before Raya. Everybody is leaving kl heading their hometown (and also leaving me working till the last day hu... hu...) All the shopping complexes were full with last minutes shoppers. For this year, i think the best raya decoration goes to midvalley megamall. The kampung ambient created at the concierge lift up everybody raya's mood.

Leave that first. I'm doing my weekend round this morning and plan to discharge my Muslim patient before the eve. Then i come to this one patient. She had multiple medical problems with few issues unsettled. Her long list of investigation seems adding more confusion rather than solving her case. It's almost impossible to let her to go home for raya festival. Finally i open my mouth, "Makcik, doktor rasa mungkin tahun nie makcik kena raya kat hospitallah..., Makcik punya rawatan ni banyak yang tak habis lagi..." Then she looks at me with her sorrow eye.... "Tak perlah doktor, makcik ikut jer. Buat lah ape yang doktor rasa terbaik" . What a surprise, knowing she never leave this hospital for 2 months and she really want to go home last time.

Moral of story, don't take things for granted. Most of us never appreciate our loves one until they not with us. So for this coming raya, please do appreciate your loves one....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

You can never tell......

He is "the great teacher". He teach thousands of doctors (include me) and he still doing it. Recently, he is admitted for his relapse of blood cancer (old enemy strikes backs)

It scares me to thinks about it. Anybody (yes even me) may have cancer. Then, you need to thinks how you going through it, when to be strong and when to stop fighting....

Last year I met this 7 y.o child. He loss both of his vision at very young age due to untreatable eyes disease. His mother almost cry when she told the whole sad story to me. All the hard time this young child has gone through. But this 7 years old child unexpectedly upon his mouth and says, " dun worry mum, I'm OK. Everything is going to be fine....." try to comfort his mother . He impressed me with his words and i don't expect to hear those word from him. He really inspire me

And to my great teacher get well soon, and please teach more doctors. May Allah bless u... always..

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