Friday, July 8, 2011

Tabur 3.0

For those who resides in K.L and love some actions, I would highly recommends Bukit Tabur as short weekend gateways.

You wont be disappointed with some action and obstacle during the journey to the peak. The breathtaking sceneries ( you can view different side of K.L) , the companions and of course the people you meet along the way to the top make this journey meaningful.

I went there last weekend with my friend SK-Doc and Mr Halal-man. Total time journey to the peak is 2 hours (including rest time) and return journey is only took about 30 minutes.

Conclusion : It really worth for your time and effort.
Level of difficulty : 6.5 out of 10 ( HappyDoc is afraid of height, please dont tell anybody he he)
Picture taken : countless
the experience itself : priceless!

Allow me to share some of the moment captured ...he he
****The credits goes to  Olympus camera and the photographer

 "The moment"

 The hill beside is just waiting for HappyDoc and his friend to be conquered he he...

 Ths Klang gate view. Simply superb!

 Bulit melawati view with houses in between

KLCC and KL tower view - standing with pride

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Race : it just a state of mind

If u ask me to join marathon 5 years ago. I'll definitely say no. Fullstops. I don't think I can do it at that point of time : )

Long time ago when i was in primary school, sport and me does not get along together.
During the sport time i prefer to stay in the class and do some reading rather than spent my time in the field. Yes i know, it sound very nerdy he he.. (yes I'm a nerd he he) : P

Last Sunday, I did my very first 10 km Marathon which i never thought i may do it in the past. (after hard practice of course he he..) I made it in 1:05:36 which is considered good for my level he he.. I had a lot of fun on the marathon day and i have made new friends along the way.

After all race it just a state of minds. If your minds believe you can do it, then you are already half way doing it. Believe in yourself :)

P/s : My partner in-crime, GymmerDoc finished 12 minutes later than me he he...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

City of Angles

My initial plan going for diving has been postponed.This has bring little frustration to me.
Now, change of plan. The plan B is to visit City of Angle since  I've never been there before...he he

After a quick google search and done few clicking at Airasia website (and few transactions involved he he). The plan has became  reality. I went there with my partner in-crime : GymmerDoc

K.L and Bangkok are both considered metropolitan city but both are not the same.

1. Public transportation in Bangkok are superb. Every area are well covered with efficient MRT and subway. And i must say K.L is left few years behind.

2. Shopping complexes in Bangkok are closed early as early as 8.30pm. Late buyers are not entertained.

3. I only knew that Bangkok has the enormous shopping complexes in the South East Asia. I thought Pavillion , KLCC and midvalley-the Garden are among the biggest. Later I found out it is actually combinations of few shopping complexes which are connected with sky bridge - thats cheating he he....

4. Food  in Bangkok is tastier than in K.L (in term of  authentic food) but K.L has more varieties.

5. The focus or main attractions between K.L and Bangkok are different. K.L is more for shopper and business traders but Bangkok is city for entertainment. ops!- i don't want to elaborate further on this...he he. But I believed that it is not they opted to do. Probably their financial status or economy give them hard time.

6. I like Thai language. It sound very soft and polite.

7. Overall, Thai's are very friendly even though sometimes a little difficult to communicate in English.

8. There a lots of places you can spent or accidentally spent your money he he...

I had a good time but i've decided that i'm a "sand and beach"  and "sight-seeing" type of person. But it a good experience tough. I need a really good food massage after this trip ended : p

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gold lining clouds

Every obstacles you went through will make you to stronger.

Passing an exam is not everything in your life. There are lots more other thing matters. At the end of day it just another exam and it is not the end of you day.

When you face an obstacle or when you have not achieve your dreams, look back on what you already had and the people around you who has support you all the way. then you will realized how lucky you are.

Thomas Alva Edison only successfully invented light bulb on the 100th experiment. He take it from the positive site and found 99 ways his experiment not working. If he gave up earlier, i'm pretty sure we wont have light now.

Every clouds has silver lining. Perhaps, this time around, it not just silver, it probably the cloud is lined by gold lining :)

Friday, October 8, 2010 coffee without sugar?

Note : This entry is a self reminder for happyDoc too : )

When we look at other people, how many time you say this to yourself ?" Look at him.
He had everything, he got the looks, wealth, fame and friend. How I wish I can be like him. "

This is normal... Yup. It is normal to have this kind of reaction.
We only see how lucky other people and how unlucky we are...
But sometimes we need to sit and take a step back and appreciate on what we already have. (Yes you already have a lot, it just you don't appreciate it, and you asking for more? you greedy creatures he he..)
and if you appreciate it you life will be more meaningful, happier and you will be surprise a lot more will comes..... ho ho ho

Remember, the field is always greener on the other site : )

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Striking comeback?

Yup i t has been a year i stopped writing. I must put the blame on the facebook which has make blogging less popular he he... Now everybody is so into facebook, twitter, blackberry, iphone and ipad he he

For the past 1 year i have made new friends, challenge myself with new adventures and even learn from mistakes i made. I'm sure past 1 year is best time and worse time for some of us : )

This Ramadhan is the best, i must say : )
I meets a lot if new friend but at the same time the friendship with my "old" friend remains strength and even closer : )

Hurm...One of my friend said Aidilfitri is less merrier as you grew older (he trying to say its getting boring he he)
But i did not agree with him.

Aidilfitri is the reflection of our self...
Getting older is not necessarily you becoming a boring person...
It how brilliant/creative you are to make your life fun, interesting and lively ; )
When you grew older err I mean mature, you must not think about yourself
Sometime when you make others life cheerful and happy, you will find yourself happier
Happydoc comment : try it yourself, you can never regret!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eid Fitri

Salam Eid. I think it still no too late to wish Happy Eid (as Eid is for a month he.. he..). Another celebration of Aidilfitri this years. But this time I felt that the time in one whole month of Ramadhan fly so fast....I realized that, one good about Ramadhan is there less H1N1 case in my working hospital and the whole Malaysia.
It must be because of Allah bless....

One thing I'm not sure why, this year Eid celebration was not as great as before.
Done this, done that, all the preparations but the feel of celebrating Eid was totally different. Not like 4-5 years ago. I still can't figure out what's wrong. What missing.... (scratching head)
But one thing for sure, I completed 30 days of fasting, (like most of us he.. he...) Alhamdulillah.... so, everybody should celebrate our victory.

Another things for sure, It's the spirit of Eid that all us us that we need to celebrate.
Because a body without spirit is a...... death body
So let's keep the Eid spirit alive! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everybody!!!!!