Sunday, May 31, 2009

Second half ?

Time fly so fast, leaving us behind (because we are to slow to catch it he he...) . Tomorrow is the second half of 2009. Huh.... need to check out back all this year resolution. At least halves of them must be archived he...he... It just depend on what angle you look your life at. Meaning weather you seeing the cup of glass is half full or half empty.... Err... Hey where my 2009 resolution book? Dammm it i lost it ! May be I'll do a new one next year he...he... How about yours? Have you done something great?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful Minds

After finished my exam,I struggle to finish my oncall for this month just to make sure my vacation plan comes true. I set up a new record myself, I managed to do 4 oncalls within 8 days he....he....(I feels like superdoc he..he...) One thing for sure, i wont break my record again. So, i'm rewarding myself a trip to Pulau Redang. Far away from KL and i try not to think anything about work or study (at least for few days he he...)

Yes all of this things need to be left behind

Watch : Who need to know the time here, nothing to be rush. The sun will tell you weather it daytime or nighttime and your stomach will tell you when is the eating time he he...

Handphone : "Ops..... you have reach Happydoc voice mailbox, he will kindly return your call ASAP" (yeah, only when he reach KL back he he....)

Glasses : Err... definitely I don't need it for reading!!!!

Wallet : Err i might need this. Otherwise I might need to work here to pay my chalet bill and my return boat trip he he...

Yes, i'm 'lepak'ing at the beach the whole morning. Nothing to be worried.

This is one of the breathtaking scenery taken from my chalet. Pretty isn't it. The picture tells everything..........

An evening at the beach side. There no stressed out face from office rushing back home with bad odor and dirty shirt.

And this is for you guys ; )
Thanks a lots for reading......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The unsuccesful Transplant story

This guy serial of misery started 5 years ago. He is just 22 years old at that time. Both of his kidneys betrayed him and suddenly stopped functioning leaving him to no choice but to continue his life with dialysis. Meaning that he had to spent 3 times a week for 4 hours attached himself to the dialysis machine. I believe it 's not an enjoyable things to do. His mother, made a big sacrifice and give on of her kidney to him so that he can have a better quality of life. They both went the big operation without much complication but the stories does not end here. The transplanted kidney work as all of us wish. He goes home with multiple anti-rejection drugs to prevent rejection.

Then the nightmare begin. Six month after successful transplant, he started to have complication following anti-rejection (also called immuno-suppression). These anti rejection drug causes semi-paralysis of human normal immune system and subsequently cause host i.e patient easily infected by bacterial, viral or fungal. He came with a very bad lung infection and nearly died. I believe it must be her mother pray who saved him (apart from our medication). He managed to get through it for the second time (the first time was during the operation) and walk home safe.

Then he came again with second and then third very bad bad lung infection leaving his lung full of scarred tissue (which is no good because it reduce his lung function). The next infection will make it even worse. His lungs almost totally damage and the next thing he might need in the near future is lung transplant, but who is going to be the donor? How about you?

Now, considering he need the anti-rejection drugs for the kidney donated by his mother to work and balancing the side effect cause by those drug i.e severe life thretening infection, it's really a though decision to be made. Either to sacrifice the kidney given by his mother or his own lungs/life? Only God know the best....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (err.. a little bit too late)

The story this time is a little bit different. Few months ago, I met this mother and her beloved child. She love her child very much even though her child is different from the others. Her child is one of those special child that need special needs and attention.

And now her child is 47 years old and she has been taking take her child for that grace period. Now, her child can amazingly function almost like normal individual and he even have his own job (He now working as teacher assistant)

This special mother with her special child had done fantastic job looking after her child even the people around her said she had done enough, and she should have a rest long time ago. Just imagine if she stopped, her child might not be as successful as now. She even decided not to have another baby so that she can give full attention to her special son. She should be very proud of herself.

The problem now is she is getting older and she knew she might not live longer. She worried nobody will take take of her son like she did. Her only hope is her other child to look after theit brother but it won't be the same.

What running in my mind is, how many of us had the courage and patient like her.........? I believe, not everyone of us can.....

I would like to wish Happy mother's day to all mother all over the world!!!!! All of you are the greatest mom of all......

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I must thank Allah Almighty for the bless. My exam is over now and I'm getting back my life. To all my friend who read this congratulation to all of you. One day, I was on my way to complete my mission before eyes senses something. At the end of road, there was 2 small alley. The right alley is a dark, smelly and full of thrush and the left side is the right way to my mission. It make me thinks, we always choose the wrong path in our life even though we know the right way is waiting for us....

p/s hopefully I can share more stories after this he he...