Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mickey Mouse : What should i do?

My house has been invaded by rat. And this rat has leave unwanted "fertilizer" in my kitchen. It's going to be very embarrassing if a doctor had leptospirosis (a disease brought by rat) and this directly reflects my hygiene. I decided to give this nasty little rat a lesson. So, I bought a rat cage with a undeniably delicious cream cracker inside the cage as a bite. Guess what, BINGGO! on the next day, a small black rats trapped in that cage. I thought that going to be the end of story, but new problem arise. Err... what I am going to do with that rats? I'm in dilemma!

The criminal in the cell

Call her Mickey (I just gave her that name he.. he..)

I've ask few of my friends, and these are some of their suggestions:

1. Just throw the rat in the jungle. <---- Hey.... where to find jungle in KL
2. My grandparent used to kill them with boiled water.<---- Sound inhuman he he... I'll have trauma to eat meat soup after this he.. he...
3. Throw in the river then. <--- Now, I have to jeopardize my life just to throw this nasty rat to Sg Klang?
4. Make peace with her, let it go. She learned her lesson.<---- Yeah and I can get leptospirosis in exchange?
5. Turn the rat into rat satay. Must be delicious.<---- hey I'm not an exotic animal eater you creature....

Now, Mickey is in the cage waiting for her sentence. I leaved her outside my house while thinking what should be done. Would you guys help me? hu... hu....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good thing comes in TWO

For most of medical devices, there will be only 1 device per packet. This is practiced to maintain the sterility of that particular devices. I am preparing to take my patient's blood in late afternoon to check her oxygen level. Suddenly i noticed something was not so right when I'm grabbing the packet of syringe. This particular packed that I'm holding contained 2 syringes! Which i never encountered since i practice medicine for the past 5 years. I decided that would be my lucky syringe. My guess is, something great is going to happen on me he... he... as always said, good things always come in TWO......

Sweet moment....

It was lunch hour on a rainy afternoon. This is another chronic patient of mine (considering she has been in hospital for 2 months) and this this 2 kids is her grandchildren. As everybody knows, hospital meals, are suc*s. What happened on that day, this two cute kids were bringing their grandmother lunch in a small classic "mangkuk tingkat". It just like one of the memorable Petronas commercials. I just couldn't find the exact word to describe that sweet captured moment. This poor auntie was so excited to see her grandchildren and at the moment she smiles, all her disease/burden seem to be cured/relieved temporarily. This all reminds me that, small things does matter in our life. Even a simple thing like sending text messages to your parents or friends can be very meaningful to them. So, start doing it today ......!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reunited again...

Do you feel tired working?
Do you feel tired running your own life?
Do you feel tired been in the hassle city life?

Maybe what u need is a break!

This is what you can get 45 minutes drive from KL

peaceful mind......

something that totally different

like sleep under thousand of stars....

And this is what u can get for 3 hours drive from kl...

the ultimate peacefulness...

that you might forget that you had experience it before

Wonderful view + great companions + lots of laugh + great memories = PRICELESS

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CSI:KL (Part 2)

After considering that small piece of bone might belong to famous missing person like Sharlini or Azam, we decided that justice need to be served. The unburied bone's soul might be still lingering in my house compound and option 1 is the best.

So, our initial plan need to wait. National responsibilities comes first. I drove to nearest police station (which is not so near) and hand over the bone to the right hand. The policeman in-charge was in shock initially after receiving that small piece of bone. After a short discussion with his other colleague, he decided to show the bone to more senior person and get back to us after that. After leaving my name and contact number, we leave the police station hoping that another mystery would be solved.

Day after days time passing by, they still no news from the police site. Until one day my fried Dr Frapp decided to ring them. The answer given it quite frustrating, they said that piece of bone is most likely belong to mammal. But until this moment, we still believe that bone is belong to human (Err BTW... human belong to mammals group right?)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

CSI:KL (Part 1)

Disclaimer: The main characters and place has been changed for safety purpose, do not continue reading this entry if you are pregnant, having history of heart attack or suffering from urinary incontinent as this can caused undesirable effect. You have been warned!

The whole story took place during recent Ramadhan month. It was a boring Wednesday morning and unusually very quiet morning. No sound of bird chipping and the sun shines lazily on that day. Dr Frapp and me were discussing about our next secret project and we were about to leave my house to meet our new informer. I just moved out my car from my porch before Dr Frapp give me a strange look. And guess what? He almost freak out!... He noticed a strange looking shinning white object which was hidden underneath my car staring at him. He took a few steps closer before he called my name.

"Hey Happ
ydoc, look at this. You won't believe what i just have found. I thinks it a piece of human bone! What do you think?"

(This is what it look like)
Picture courtesy of Dr Frapp (my camera was malfunction at that time he he..)

Let take a step closer...
This is what it look like in close up...

What do you think it is....?

I tried to stay calm and cool as usual. "Dr Frapp it may be not a part of human bone as you thought !"tried to comfort our feeling.

But after using our rusty applied anatomy knowledge, we decided this is 97% belong to human or at least mammal. It look like a part of jaw bone with intact denture cut into half. Unlikely to be from dogs, cats or fish because the canine tooth was not too sharp.

"Perhaps a stray dog dug it from a shallow grave and dumped it here" i tried to rationalized our finding. (knowing all grave should be at least at least 7 feets down below he.. he..)

"Hmm it could easily came from a young adult of between 14 - 17 years of age old... possibly Asian female" Dr Frapp explaining his own theory to me in serious tone.

After serious discussion at my porch yard, finally we came out with 3 so called brilliant options ):

1. If this is a human bone - we need to send it to the police, they may come and turned my car porch to homicide crime scene. Just imagine yellow police tape, chalks, numbered card and police photographer in my yard. What would be my neighbors think of me? This all will ruined my good reputation. I'll be in the news prime time. I definitely need to get new identity after this or new makeover at least.

2. Show it to our forensic colleagues at the hospital for confirmation - if it is homosapien i.e human.. send it to the police.Let them handle it from there.

3. Throw it into the my neighbors compound and it now became their business. Muahaha! <---- this is totally my evil twin's idea. Not me. har.. har...

Time is passing by and we still not decided what we going to do with that small piece of bone.
If you are in our position, what would you do......?to be continued.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Because it's free....

TB is a very ancient disease. It has been exist for centuries and the incidence is still high now especially in the third world country. Partly contributed by AIDS which cause falls of human immunity system and subsequently facilitate TB infection.

Malaysia is categorized as third world country and incidence of TB is considerably high. Unfortunately, cost of anti-TB treatment is roughly RM 1500++ per month (excluding 5% gov tax he... he...), minus the doctor consultation and registration fees. However, all of this cost is covered by Malaysian health system as TB is categorized under communicable disease which technically make the treatment is FOC. Yes it is free, regardless your nationality. Last week i had another international student who was diagnosed with TB and she only has been in Malaysia for only 1 1/2 months. Guess where she come from...?

Yes, she came from Botswana........ and the treatment is free i.e paid by tax payer which is you! Does it sound fair? Err..... by the way can anybody tell me which part of world Botswana is...?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life cycle...

Fact : A Butterfly only live for 5 days
Fact : Tortoise can live until 150 years
Question : How long can you live?

Well, i believe nobody can answer this question. General speaking, patients with stage IV lung cancer, only have 6 months down the line from the time of diagnosis. But, some of them survives for few years (with palliative chemotherapy) while one or two of them succumbed even after the next day after diagnosis been made.

Having few months of exposure working in a respiratory centre in KL teach me that, it is not easy telling somebody that you had cancer and you going to die soon, please do whatever you want quickly while you had time left.

I have come across in a few occasion, patient thanking me after i told them the bad new. Just imagine this, 'Pakcik, Pakcik nie kena kanser paru2 peringkat akhir. Then that unfortunate Pakcik replied back, Terima kasih doktor (for telling me the bad news?). After a while, i realized these group of people, have suffered from illness caused by the cancer for quite some times. Breaking the news answered their doubtful and they can prepare for their death.

Another question is, have we prepare for our?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mystery solved, but....

My patient who going to celebrate raya at hospital this year had full investigation report today. It explain her full sign and symptoms as her presentation was not very typical. Her mystery has been solved! but it is not a good news, not for her or us . She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a types blood cancer) by presence of significant plasma cell in her bone marrow and positive urine for Bence-Jones protein. This all explained why she was immunosuppressed, causing her getting severe form of infection. Let's put yourself in her position. After went through major operation, been admitted to ICU, underwent multiple (of course) painful medical procedures, multiple needle poking for tones of blood investigations, she had multiple course of chemotherapy waiting for her after raya. I feel very sorry for her. Her eyes really tell all the hard time she went through . But i do believe this, "Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya jika hambanya tidak mampu menghadapinya. Dan segala ujian itu adalah untuk menyucikan dosa-dosanya yang telah lalu...." I believe she will be awarded better life later.... Amin..... Selamat raya aidilfitri.

30 Ramadhan...

Today is the last day for sahur this year which is equal to last day of puasa, meaning that tomorrow is Aidilfitri. This pic was taken while waiting for my food. It make me think weather this ramadhan is better as compared to my last Ramadhan. Did i gained anything extra? Hurm..... (thinking)....