Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What an irritating &^%%^$

I'm not sure weather it because of Monday blues or it because of me. I was doing my round in ICU as my routine. Then i met with one patient who need dialysis long time ago and he and his family keep delaying it and they refused to share the reason. But that okay for me as long as patient and family member understood the consequences of their actions, I will respect their decision.

The not so okay part is meeting with the family members who extremely demanding and fussy with almost cause me lost my temper (well i don't loss my temper easily). They want the best for his father. That part, I clearly understood. But when i say now is the best time to start dialysis, they gave me "that" look and start asking again the question that i has been answered earlier. So I explained to them again and again and we back to square one (again ?). Well i guess work has become tougher and tougher nowadays. God, will give strength and patient to serve the sicks.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

The biggest winner...

The weather is pretty hot now days. With El-Nina (it's not a name of girl he he..) is expected to visit us somewhere in August, plus hectic day at work, I decided to go swimming to public swimming pool to divert all my stress.

When i strokes, I realized that the journey in our life is just similar when you swimming. Each breath you take you must planned and well coordinated. Each swing you made must synchronized with your leg strokes or otherwise you might not catch enough breath or may not make an efficient moves. Then, all your energy will be wasted. You can't stop or otherwise you may sink or drowned. When u reach one end, it just a new start to the other end. But at the end of day, you are a winner after you completed your lap (Sound .......philosophical? he he...)

What I what to remind myself and others is all of us a winner as we never stop to fight in completing our own cycle of life. Nobody is born as a loser or biggest loser......

Monday, June 8, 2009

To panic or not to panic

HIN1 virus has reach Malaysia few months ago. But there no reason to panic as our health system is ready for another outbreak ( See, Malaysia health system is not too bad okay....). As I remember the last outbreak was 4-5 years ago (Nipah virus) and we manged it quit well. I still remember during my pre-clinical year in medical school (not so long time ago he he...), my lecturer said a fast spreading viral outbreak (the frightening Ebola virus for example) will dissappeared quickly. If i'm not mistaken, H1N1 is not a fast spreading virus, so it take some time before it totally cleared. Not all infected patient will end up with death. So to all my friend who ask this question, as I said earlier there no reason to be panic. Just be prepared