Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eid Fitri

Salam Eid. I think it still no too late to wish Happy Eid (as Eid is for a month he.. he..). Another celebration of Aidilfitri this years. But this time I felt that the time in one whole month of Ramadhan fly so fast....I realized that, one good about Ramadhan is there less H1N1 case in my working hospital and the whole Malaysia.
It must be because of Allah bless....

One thing I'm not sure why, this year Eid celebration was not as great as before.
Done this, done that, all the preparations but the feel of celebrating Eid was totally different. Not like 4-5 years ago. I still can't figure out what's wrong. What missing.... (scratching head)
But one thing for sure, I completed 30 days of fasting, (like most of us he.. he...) Alhamdulillah.... so, everybody should celebrate our victory.

Another things for sure, It's the spirit of Eid that all us us that we need to celebrate.
Because a body without spirit is a...... death body
So let's keep the Eid spirit alive! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everybody!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New face lift

Happydoc space's got a face lift. Hopefully it is an inspiration for happydoc to write again he.. he..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spot the word!

My washroom needs major cleaning work, so I decided to get the necessary thing from the shop. And of course I need a super string powerful detergent he... he... ut then I fond that something very funny on the detergent label. It can kill flu virus? har har har....
I guess it not Tamiflu alone that can kill the flu virus, but this detergent also can do the same thing he he.... I think i just their a marketing strategy but it might confuse the public. I'm not surprise after this if more patient come with clor** poisoining har har...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It must be the air!

Few of my good friends get sick and admitted to hospital recently. Nowadays, with unpredictable weather, H1N1 outbreaks, sedentary lifestyle and stress at work, it not a surprised everyone get sick easily.

One of my good friend during my medical school day was admitted for young hypertension with severe headache. He was found to have a big cyst in his brain. The news is shocked to all of my friend and me. Having good friend suffered from a disease is totally different from treating patient....

Dr F is also just recently discharge from hospital for influenza-like illness. Luckily it's not 'that" disease. He is a fighter and win the battle. Now he is back to battle field, jeopardizing himself to treat those who needs help. ( He pay me to said these actually he he...)

Another friend of mine recently, just found out her 6 months old child is going to be totally blind. It's her first child and I run out my words to show my empathy. I just can't imagine what her family going to go through in near future.

What we can do now, is to appreciate one of the greatest God's gift i.e health. As most of us never appreciate it until you loss it.....

p/s please pray for my friends....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Patient or patience?

It has been long since i haven't write anything. The story that I want to share happened about 2 weeks ago. What I hate most is an arrogant patient with bad attitude. This happened 2 weeks ago when I'm doing my part time job.

The a couple who come for medical advice. The husband is a worker of a medical center in KL and the my pert time clinic happened to be one of the panel clinic. He come for food poisoning and his condition wasn't to bad and actually improving ( most of food poisoning is self-remitting). After explain the diagnosis and treatment to this couple, they seems to satisfied without asking much question.

Now, when it come to the exciting part, MC. I personally don't think this patient need MC because he already on leave on that weekend and the next working day is Monday. The symptoms is improving and Ive already prescribed his medication. The husband seems to be okay with that but his wife start to show arrogant and unsatisfactory gesture. She start to raise her voice. She insisted the MC to be given to his husband because she want it as a "standby" if her husband getting worse on the next day.

The way she talked really pissed me off. I've already explained everything to them earlier and his condition is getting better. His husband is a staff in a medical center in KL, what he can do is just walk to staff clinic on the next day if he did not getting better for better treatment of course.

The whole scenario really testing my patient and ruined my mood that evening. The husband seems to be okay and just relaxed but his wife really needs behavioral therapy for her attitude. Pretty face alone with bad attitude is just such a waste....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautifully imperfect

A funny but yet touching commercial by a multi award winning filmmaker, late Yasmin Ahmad. This is her last commercial I guess. She said "in the end, the little that make them perfect for you.................." (which is very true)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Under maintenance

It it not the blog who need the maintenance but the writer har har har...
Like this song clips very much... the words said is touching beyond my heart he he..
BTW enjoy it : )

Monday, July 6, 2009

I witnessed a true love today. This story is about a patient who I thought not so lucky initially because she had lost both of her hands and legs under the surgeon's blade because of her disease. But I was totally wrong, the reality is she was so lucky to have her husband (and children) who love her body and souls (because she only had her body left.....).

She is totally dependent on her loyal husband in every single things. And yet she still looks strong and never show any give-up signs. Her face was so calms and she appears really accepted her bad luck. I really respect both of them. The challenge is so big but yet they still stand still together. I wonder weather can I be like them. It must be something good that she had done in the past and God has pay her back I guess......

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I told u so....

I'm oncall again last weekend. And it's a busy call. The patient that I told you in the previous entry (who refused dialysis) turn bad. But this time, he turn really bad. His blood pressure really low and now he depending on the medication to maintain his blood pressure. My team was called again to review him.

This time his family member was not so fussy and 'pushy". They "listen" my my explanation as I already told them this is what going to happened is they didn't listen to our advice. I try not to give " I told u so" face and I try not to be judgmental. But even after all the trouble they give to me in the past, I still very sorry for the patient. I think the main reason he refused dialysis is because he don't want to burden his family. But he don't want to tell them. For him it's his decision and if he died, he will died with some proud and dignity. He is not young anymore. Life is never easy and some of us is not as lucky as others.......

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What an irritating &^%%^$

I'm not sure weather it because of Monday blues or it because of me. I was doing my round in ICU as my routine. Then i met with one patient who need dialysis long time ago and he and his family keep delaying it and they refused to share the reason. But that okay for me as long as patient and family member understood the consequences of their actions, I will respect their decision.

The not so okay part is meeting with the family members who extremely demanding and fussy with almost cause me lost my temper (well i don't loss my temper easily). They want the best for his father. That part, I clearly understood. But when i say now is the best time to start dialysis, they gave me "that" look and start asking again the question that i has been answered earlier. So I explained to them again and again and we back to square one (again ?). Well i guess work has become tougher and tougher nowadays. God, will give strength and patient to serve the sicks.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

The biggest winner...

The weather is pretty hot now days. With El-Nina (it's not a name of girl he he..) is expected to visit us somewhere in August, plus hectic day at work, I decided to go swimming to public swimming pool to divert all my stress.

When i strokes, I realized that the journey in our life is just similar when you swimming. Each breath you take you must planned and well coordinated. Each swing you made must synchronized with your leg strokes or otherwise you might not catch enough breath or may not make an efficient moves. Then, all your energy will be wasted. You can't stop or otherwise you may sink or drowned. When u reach one end, it just a new start to the other end. But at the end of day, you are a winner after you completed your lap (Sound .......philosophical? he he...)

What I what to remind myself and others is all of us a winner as we never stop to fight in completing our own cycle of life. Nobody is born as a loser or biggest loser......

Monday, June 8, 2009

To panic or not to panic

HIN1 virus has reach Malaysia few months ago. But there no reason to panic as our health system is ready for another outbreak ( See, Malaysia health system is not too bad okay....). As I remember the last outbreak was 4-5 years ago (Nipah virus) and we manged it quit well. I still remember during my pre-clinical year in medical school (not so long time ago he he...), my lecturer said a fast spreading viral outbreak (the frightening Ebola virus for example) will dissappeared quickly. If i'm not mistaken, H1N1 is not a fast spreading virus, so it take some time before it totally cleared. Not all infected patient will end up with death. So to all my friend who ask this question, as I said earlier there no reason to be panic. Just be prepared

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Second half ?

Time fly so fast, leaving us behind (because we are to slow to catch it he he...) . Tomorrow is the second half of 2009. Huh.... need to check out back all this year resolution. At least halves of them must be archived he...he... It just depend on what angle you look your life at. Meaning weather you seeing the cup of glass is half full or half empty.... Err... Hey where my 2009 resolution book? Dammm it i lost it ! May be I'll do a new one next year he...he... How about yours? Have you done something great?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful Minds

After finished my exam,I struggle to finish my oncall for this month just to make sure my vacation plan comes true. I set up a new record myself, I managed to do 4 oncalls within 8 days he....he....(I feels like superdoc he..he...) One thing for sure, i wont break my record again. So, i'm rewarding myself a trip to Pulau Redang. Far away from KL and i try not to think anything about work or study (at least for few days he he...)

Yes all of this things need to be left behind

Watch : Who need to know the time here, nothing to be rush. The sun will tell you weather it daytime or nighttime and your stomach will tell you when is the eating time he he...

Handphone : "Ops..... you have reach Happydoc voice mailbox, he will kindly return your call ASAP" (yeah, only when he reach KL back he he....)

Glasses : Err... definitely I don't need it for reading!!!!

Wallet : Err i might need this. Otherwise I might need to work here to pay my chalet bill and my return boat trip he he...

Yes, i'm 'lepak'ing at the beach the whole morning. Nothing to be worried.

This is one of the breathtaking scenery taken from my chalet. Pretty isn't it. The picture tells everything..........

An evening at the beach side. There no stressed out face from office rushing back home with bad odor and dirty shirt.

And this is for you guys ; )
Thanks a lots for reading......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The unsuccesful Transplant story

This guy serial of misery started 5 years ago. He is just 22 years old at that time. Both of his kidneys betrayed him and suddenly stopped functioning leaving him to no choice but to continue his life with dialysis. Meaning that he had to spent 3 times a week for 4 hours attached himself to the dialysis machine. I believe it 's not an enjoyable things to do. His mother, made a big sacrifice and give on of her kidney to him so that he can have a better quality of life. They both went the big operation without much complication but the stories does not end here. The transplanted kidney work as all of us wish. He goes home with multiple anti-rejection drugs to prevent rejection.

Then the nightmare begin. Six month after successful transplant, he started to have complication following anti-rejection (also called immuno-suppression). These anti rejection drug causes semi-paralysis of human normal immune system and subsequently cause host i.e patient easily infected by bacterial, viral or fungal. He came with a very bad lung infection and nearly died. I believe it must be her mother pray who saved him (apart from our medication). He managed to get through it for the second time (the first time was during the operation) and walk home safe.

Then he came again with second and then third very bad bad lung infection leaving his lung full of scarred tissue (which is no good because it reduce his lung function). The next infection will make it even worse. His lungs almost totally damage and the next thing he might need in the near future is lung transplant, but who is going to be the donor? How about you?

Now, considering he need the anti-rejection drugs for the kidney donated by his mother to work and balancing the side effect cause by those drug i.e severe life thretening infection, it's really a though decision to be made. Either to sacrifice the kidney given by his mother or his own lungs/life? Only God know the best....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (err.. a little bit too late)

The story this time is a little bit different. Few months ago, I met this mother and her beloved child. She love her child very much even though her child is different from the others. Her child is one of those special child that need special needs and attention.

And now her child is 47 years old and she has been taking take her child for that grace period. Now, her child can amazingly function almost like normal individual and he even have his own job (He now working as teacher assistant)

This special mother with her special child had done fantastic job looking after her child even the people around her said she had done enough, and she should have a rest long time ago. Just imagine if she stopped, her child might not be as successful as now. She even decided not to have another baby so that she can give full attention to her special son. She should be very proud of herself.

The problem now is she is getting older and she knew she might not live longer. She worried nobody will take take of her son like she did. Her only hope is her other child to look after theit brother but it won't be the same.

What running in my mind is, how many of us had the courage and patient like her.........? I believe, not everyone of us can.....

I would like to wish Happy mother's day to all mother all over the world!!!!! All of you are the greatest mom of all......

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I must thank Allah Almighty for the bless. My exam is over now and I'm getting back my life. To all my friend who read this congratulation to all of you. One day, I was on my way to complete my mission before eyes senses something. At the end of road, there was 2 small alley. The right alley is a dark, smelly and full of thrush and the left side is the right way to my mission. It make me thinks, we always choose the wrong path in our life even though we know the right way is waiting for us....

p/s hopefully I can share more stories after this he he...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post-exam blues

I just finish first part of my exam yesterday and I've to admit the questions are really tough. The result will be announced this Friday and the not so enjoyable part is I have to come to work immediately the day after the exam day. Today, I really cannot give 100% concentration at work as i always thinks about how the result going to be like. The only thing that I can do now is to pray hard and leave it everything to God. Hopefully I can finish this strong.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ying and Yang advocates about balance. Well I'm struggling to maintaine "the balance". After many years not having formal exam, of course it is not easy to start back the "engine" and burn back my "old" midnight candles. What can I do now is to try my best and let God do the rest.

The feeling was rather different when I come to work last Friday. One of the old patient in the ward was pushed out on a wheel chair. But he is not going home because he had no place to go. We have found a shelter for him in Semenyih. That the best that we can do for him. He came to meet us 6 weeks ago. He was very easy to look after. He never complaint about anything, even about the tasteless hospital food. Almost everyday, he had a girl"friend" pay him visit. And what they do is only talk to each other. Yeah just talk, not more than that. What they talk about is a mystery because I could not understand their langguage.

Today he is leaving the hospital to the new place. I'm not sure what he felt about that. His girlfriend still come that afternoon (she has been told earlier he might be leaving today) and she looks confused and I just felt different.........

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are You Going to Finish Strong?

For those who haven't seen this video, I would like to share it with you guys. It really inspiring me. Not all of us born physically perfect but one thing for sure, that all of us born to be a fighter. It just the matter that how you going to finish your journey.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Think BIG

Have you heard about medical speciality named Karnology? Nope? well think again he he.... Actually there no medical unit such name. Last weekend the very first family day I attended (Usually I try to find excuses not to attend it last time he he.. ) The organizer wrongly spelled Cardiology as Karnology on the welcome board. But the name seems had the potential to be famous and to be studied. Maybe I should discover new field in medicine and name it Karnology he he.....

Now I want you to think outside the box. Imagine what else you can do with hair comb, apart from combing your hair? This is what my friend and I invented when we was in Vietnam last time. The mee in the cup had no spoon attached with it. I believe it must be a conspiration he he... The manufacturer try to make more money by cutting down the cost. maybe I should investigate it. The big problem now, is how we going to eat the mee without spoon or chopstick? Then we finally come with this idea. please refer to the picture below.

Err just for your information. It's a new and never have been used comb. We found it in the hotel sanitary bag he... he... BTW the mee in the cup is quite delicious. Maybe eating using hair comb make it tastier har har har....

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I come across this poem from my friend's blog. I found it really interesting and I would like to share with you guys. Don't read it but understand it.

Written with a pen

Sealed with a kiss

If you are my friend,

Please answer this:

Are we friends or are we not?

You told me once and i forgot.

So tell me now and tell me true,

So i can say, i am here for you.

Of all the friends i’ve ever met,

You’re the one i won’t forget.

And if i die before you do,

I’ll go to Heaven

And wait for you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sad Chinese New Year Story

Usually when the parent getting old, their children will take the responsible to look after of them. Well, this story is a bit different. Another patient belong to my team, a 27 years ole, Chinese gentleman, had neurofibromatosis involving multiple level of spinal cord with expected complications following surgery. Practically said, he had growth in the spinal cord compressing the spinal nerve which causing him not able to move all his 4 limbs. He spent his last 7 years of life lying on the bed all the time. He was admitted recently because of aspiration pneumonia. Another expected complication for those who are bed bound.

His father passed away long time ago. He was managed alone by his 60 years old mother who help him to eat, bath, doing number 1 and 2. Wait, that not all. His mother is also working as part time maid. What a hard life she had. I must respect her. She is such a very strong lady.

My team and I was managing him. He came in a quite bad condition. He had a very bad lung infection and initially we thought he might not make it. Having said that, we still try our best and explained to her mother that all the possibilities and she might need to prepare for the worse. She cried initially but after that she take it quit well. She know what she had to do is to pray hard. During the stay, she will come in the morning, then went to work and come back to look after her son after that. I'm not sure weather she had time to rest or not. At her age, I thinks what she supposed to do is to play with her grandchildren and should be well taken care by her children.

His son surprised us by showed some improvement day by day. Then, Chinese New Year came. Well it quit impossible to discharge her son at that time, so she spent her eve night with her son in the hospital. But her son is on the way of recovery. We are in the right track and we are very positive about her son this time.

Another surprise happened, after Chinese New Year, this patient bed was occupied by another new patient. The patient passed away peacefully on the night before, unexpectedly. Her mother took it quit well. She was there when her son catch few last breath. I just can't imagine that moment. I felt very sorry for her. Deep in my heart I know how much she love him and how sad she is when she lost her son. Maybe it's the best for both of them. Only God know the best....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saigon: Part 3

I keep reminding myself to appreciate more on what I already had in my life especially after I came back from Saigon. I really did enjoy my visit but i must say life is not easy there. Saigon or Ho Chin Minh City is a famous and large city inhabitants by 9 million populations (expected population of 20 million by 2020).

What make HCMC unique, most of the people has a small body habitus and the buildings are really "thin" so that they can maximized all the space that they have. There were millions of motorbike wheeling on the road. Motorbike is the main transportation and you must have your own motorbike before you can tackle a girl he.. he..(my tourist guide told me this) and crossing road it not a simple task because of massive motorbike moving around you.

Million of bikers on the road

They work hard for living and they work with passion. I really admire them for that as compared to some of us that always take easy on our daily work. They motivate me acquired their work culprit. There nothing wrong to be good with your work field right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The real history of World Wide WEB (Saigon:Part 2)

I totally have no idea how the communication engineer or electric engineer going to handle a case of communication or electric disruption. All those wire is like forming a spider web (or electronic web he...he...)

But I guess this lady might know the solution since she witnessed how they built it he.. he..
(She still walk with her back straight and look healthy despite her old age, I'm impressed )

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Morning in Saigon (Saigon: Part 1)

A morning street's view in Saigon was rather different from Malaysia. It's full of color and characters.

An apple a day keep a doctor away!

Meatball noodle, anyone? I think she must be the expert.

This very smart and handsome is on his way to meet his lover he.. he.. (but his lover is still selling meatball noodle he... he...)

This Vietnamese lady had the same breakfast at the same spot for 2 consecutive days (maybe she have it everyday he... he..)

Breakfast with Internet?

I don't think I can lift up that thing and walk along the road for the whole day. She must be a Superwoman! he..he..

OK my ride has arrived. I'm ready for another mission. Let's start the engine. Have a productive day everybody : )

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From KL to S*igon (with luv ?)

Nothing is comparable than having a cup of perfect well roasted coffee at Coffee Bean for beginning of your day. (yes i'm a coffee addict he.. he...) It 6.20am Malaysian time at Malaysia's airport while waiting for my flight for another mission and doing instant blooging he..he... But that not what i want to talk about (for now he.. he...)

I was on call yesterday i must admit it was quite a busy one. I only manage to rest for only few hours on spent the whole night treating patient. There is a patient who was admitted electively for coronary angiogram to see any coronary arteris blockade. But he only came to the ward in the middle or the night eventhough he had the whole day to come earlier. Maybe he had good reason though. After examining and explaining the whole procedure to him than suddenly my staff nurse call me for help. I'm quite surprised because as I know the rest of the patient was very stable and i did not anticipate any problem.

I attended my nurse, this patient's wife was found uncounsious for unknown duration. There was a little bit of frothy saliva at her mouth. An instant glucometer showed her sugar level was only 1.4 mmol which is extremely low. The treatment for her would be intravenous glucose as she can take it orally (because she is unconscious and she might be aspirated). I set up intravenous access and giving her concentrated glucose solution through the intravenous access.

As expected, she regain her consciousness immidiately after that. Later on, after she opening her eyes she told me that she was injecting herself with insulin (for her type 1 diabetes) but did not take any meal after that. She was a bit concern about her husband and forgetten to take dinner. So instead treated her husband I also treating her that night. The moral of story do not ignore your own health because you are too busy looking after others but I think her husband was very lucky to have her beside during hard time : )

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Size does matter

After passing certain age, most of us found that weighing machine our biggest enemy. The reason why is because your Basal Metabolic Rate is automatically slowing down. Some of us really concern about weight (because of cosmetic and health reason) but some of us just don't. Ignorance is not a bliss. By the time they realize, it already to late, damage is already been done. As a reminder, overweight is associated with long list of diseases, namely diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and of course heart attack.

Even Oprah had problem with her weight. I watch her show her show last Tuesday and she said, weight problem is not just about diet and exercise problem but it is about love problem. It about how much you care and you love yourself, which i totally have to agree with her.

I also had experience with weight problem few years ago. I believe that everybody agree that losing it and maintaining it is really requiring continuous hard work. Crash diet is not the answer as you will quickly gain back your weight immediately when you start eating back. A friend of my, who will getting married in August this years is trying seriously to lose wight before his big day. His weight is also like Oprah's weight. He has been fat and thin few times, depending on his stress level he.. he...

I would like to share few tips here.

1. Firstly what you need is determination!

2. Avoid flavoured/coloured drinks esp canned drink (as all of this drinks contain very high sugar). Plain water is healthy!

3. Do not eat very late, Oprah's kitchen close at 6 pm. How about yours? (When you eat late, your food is only partially digested at the time you go to sleep and turn to FAT deposit). Supper is a big NO.

4. Do not skip breakfast (because you will binging at lunch)

5. Divide your plate into five portion. Only fill 1/5 of it with rice i.e carbohydrate. Replace other portion with vegetables and protein. With same amount of food, you wont feel hungry.

6. Do snacking while watching TV or movie because you don't know when to stop

7. Careful with cake and dessert, share it with other please... Let them be fat too hah.. hah... Dessert = sweet = high sugar = FAT. Few spoons wont be harmful but 1 plate is just bit too much.

8. Buffet and fast food is BAD

9. Do not strict with your diet. Reward yourself with one day in a week that your can eat without feeling guilty he.. he..

10. Last but not least, exercise is equally important with diet. Exercise more if you eat more. Try to find the balance. Do not over doing or under doing it. Remember exercise is good for your heart as you can release stress by exercise. Bad heart = bad life