Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year here I come....

Normally after a victory or a success, we celebrate it and remember it as the one of the sweet moment in our life. For example, we celebrate a work promotion or strikes of A's in college exam. Another example, for Muslims, Hari Raya is celebrated after one full month of fasting.

I had dinner with bunch of my friends on the night of new year, before one of them asked me, "Where are you going to celebrate new year? Then suddenly this question come across my mind, " Why do we have to celebrate new year?" What are we celebrating for? Last year victory? (if any he.. he...) Have you achieved something great last year?

There was a long pause and nobody seems have to good answer for that, neither I. Since new year is public holiday, maybe we just should celebrate it he he........ Sometimes, you don't need good reason to do things. Happy New year everybody!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Honesty is the best policy

I went to one of the Tower record outlet yesterday to check out the latest CD . Suddenly I saw this 2 and half years old cute little boy with his grandfather sitting in front of the big screen in front of the music outlet. He gave 101% undivided concentration to the movie, make himself comfortable like in his house and totally ignoring the crowds. He did really enjoy the movie and the whole scenario look very sweet to me (it looks very sincere). It reminds me, a child will never lies. They will give the most honest opinion that you can get with no hidden agenda. Emm.... it sound like something that we must must learn from them rite?....(thinking)...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

LIFE is a stressul event!

Stress can manifest with multiple presentations. Some might have increased appetite while others might have just have difficulty to sleep at night or the opposite. Stress is equal to mental sickness. It just sometimes very difficult to be diagnosed because you might not aware about it. Mental sickness also can also can cause psychosomatic symptoms (meaning your your mind believe your physical is sick and you can feel it for real). A friend of mine told me that he had a very bad migraine recently, but when i had a conversation with him, i think he is under a lots of stress. A mind vacation is rather helpful rather than taking pharmaceutical medication.

Download stress checklist form from this site :

HappyDoc comment:

Do not let stress kills you!

Happydoc Advice:

Do not let stress control you. You should take in-charge and manage it wisely. Life is short. Enjoy it.

and always love yourself before others. Do not let others hurt you : ) Have a good day everybody. Happy holidays....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Opera mask

I had a this conversation with one of the very senior ward's sister (head of the nurses) who is very dedicated and experienced 2 years ago. I really respect her because she had more than 25 years working with thousand of doctors of different generation and handling millions of patient in different decades of her service. She told me that :

" As medical service provider, when you come to work, you are like wearing an opera mask with heavy make-up. Leave all your personnel's life aside. Patient life is your priority. When you get scolded by the patient or received bad complaint despite your hard work, just smile and swallow it. Keep doing your work and responsible. God will pay all your good work later"

which I, totally agreed with her and I still clearly remember each of her word.

Recently there one or two article in the news paper complaining about medical service and I suddenly recall her word again. Believe me, it is not easy handling sick patient. They need more attention than usual. With limited resources, the attention is given more to those who need more i.e more seriously ill patient. As a result, more stable patient need to wait longer time. But from my experience, most of the dissatisfaction, are caused by miss communication and misunderstanding between the health care provider and patient. At the end of the day, it is not easy to satisfied everybody no matter how hard you tried.

The next question is, why our resources are limited and why we can't practice efficient medical system as in western countries. The reason is very simple, most of medical staff are overwork, underpaid but what they get at the end of day is only series of bad complaint about them. Not fair right? So, they leave the government service as a result of their frustration. This is not my theory as it is happening in front of my eyes.

For most of western countries, medical service is paid by patient's medical insurance. So physically, every hospital is like private hospitals in Malaysia. It's totally opposite of our system where, you pay 5 ringgit and you get most of the medication FOC. If the same system implemented in Malaysia, i believe, a lot of patient is not properly treated because medical insurance itself is not cheap.

I also believe, Malaysia Ministry of Health is trying their best to improve Malaysian health system and really hoping they will give more attention to the problem when providing the service. Money is not everything.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow time....... in KL?

There are Mega sale everywhere in KL! My advice, stay away from KL mega-shopping complexes, keep your credit card in safety box and do not, i repeat do not window shopping at this as this can cause Post-shopping depression (esp when you get your credit card monthly statement he he). This is not a new disease but no effective treatment so far. Few drugs is still under research the the result is not very promising he...he..

Dr F and I was collecting information (not shopping) for our new project at The Pavilion before our steps stopped by the astonishing giant Christmas tree at the main entrance. For this year, the best Christmas tree decoration goes to The Pavilion. KLCC is recycling their gigantic Christmas tree for the third consecutive years. Maybe the they try to save the trees (or save their budget he.. he..)

The night view of this Christmas tree....

While doing some .......... err... data collection for my research, I bumped to this mother with her daughter with a innovative anti-thief/anti-child-missing-device. (Please refer to the picture above) The small little cute child was wearing a small knapsack ,with a long tape attached to her mother's wrist. It looks very practical to me as this the prevent unnecessary announcement of missing child. Personally, I think more parent should get this kind of thing as a small investment for their child safety. If wearing seat belt for the back passenger might save the front seat passenger, wearing this safety anti-child-missing-device might save your child. Thinks about it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let's talk about love

Not all of us have a Cinderella type of love story (love at first sight, get married and live happily ever after types of story). Trust me, life is not as simple as that. A friend of mine had his own story. He is 100% ready for commitment as full time lover but what he get at the end of day is only serial episodes of frustration in his relationship. As wise man says, "You can never get all what you want" and i always believe that. Luckily he still believe in love in still searching for it.

Another friend of mine had different story. She got married to somebody that she "thought" that she knew very well , had a very cute little daughter and left by her husband recently because her husband not sure what he want in his life. Sound ridiculous right? She still feels very sad as his daughter will grew up without father and she not sure how to explain to her daughter when she asked about her father. She still partly believe in love. Good for her.

Wait, there another sad love story. Another friend of mine. She had 3 boys after 5 years of marriage. Looks older then her age. Her face tells everything. She don't ever have to speak. She had suffered a lot from her marriage. She has been totally abandoned by her husband. She rising her kids by her own despite having a husband. The only reason is because her mother in-law does not like her and at the same time, her mother in-law has already arranged somebody for her husband. She try to stand still in her marriage because of her kids. Do you think she she still believe in love? hurm......(thinking).......

Monday, December 8, 2008

Amazing race: Asia

My friends and I had a wonderful weekend last week. We had travel thousand miles across 3 countries via 4 ports (seaports) to 5 big cities in 72 hours. Sound great huh? he... he... I'll show the route map.

This round, there no "road block" or "de-tour". All the routine must be done by all contestants. I have to admit, it's a long tiring journey but trust me the it really worth for your money and time he he... Lets have a look for some breathtaking moments.

This is how Malaysia looks like from ferry leaving to Batam. Pretty isn't it. The picture tells everything.

This is the view taken from the first from total of seven Batam Great Bridge. The seawater is jade green!

A fisherman village at Bintan. The steel rods, obscuring the great view.

This is where we stay at Bintan

Sunset at Bintan from our floating water resort

This bird give us a wake up call!

Well roasted and well blended black coffee served in old style Chinese cup with perfect morning seaside view is good starter for another long journey.

Dragon + phoenix + Garuda + Naga = Merlion (horse of the sun and lion of sea)

The "not so good part", heading back to KL i.e going back to work hu... hu...

Last minutes or not unplanned trip can be really exciting. Take some risk and you might be surprised with what waiting for you. I believe nobody is too old for some adventures right? he.. he..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December blues

I must say, I hates December so much when it comes every year. It reminds me all the unfinished business, unfulfilled dreams and the untouched works for the whole year. It all make me so depressed. To add the so called "enjoyment", we going to celebrate new years soon which technically make me and all of you a year older (or people like to mention it, a year wiser). Now we have to adjust with the "new" age. I wish December never comes. Why time have to fly so fast? Why oh why?..... sigh....