Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gold lining clouds

Every obstacles you went through will make you to stronger.

Passing an exam is not everything in your life. There are lots more other thing matters. At the end of day it just another exam and it is not the end of you day.

When you face an obstacle or when you have not achieve your dreams, look back on what you already had and the people around you who has support you all the way. then you will realized how lucky you are.

Thomas Alva Edison only successfully invented light bulb on the 100th experiment. He take it from the positive site and found 99 ways his experiment not working. If he gave up earlier, i'm pretty sure we wont have light now.

Every clouds has silver lining. Perhaps, this time around, it not just silver, it probably the cloud is lined by gold lining :)


cinta cukulet said...

alamak..terkena batang hidung sendiri pulak..hehe..anyway, thanks for sharing, I like this entry

p/s: doc yg gembira, masuk blog doc ni terasa sangat misteri la..I wonder who u really are =) said...

Cik Cinta Cukulet (CCC)
Sy adalah seorang penjawat jawatan awam yg mempunyai idea yang banyak tetapi sgt malas untuk menulis di dalam blog. Sy tidak sehebat CCC dalam penulisan blog :)

Hidup kita semua ini adalah misteri :)