Thursday, June 23, 2011

City of Angles

My initial plan going for diving has been postponed.This has bring little frustration to me.
Now, change of plan. The plan B is to visit City of Angle since  I've never been there before...he he

After a quick google search and done few clicking at Airasia website (and few transactions involved he he). The plan has became  reality. I went there with my partner in-crime : GymmerDoc

K.L and Bangkok are both considered metropolitan city but both are not the same.

1. Public transportation in Bangkok are superb. Every area are well covered with efficient MRT and subway. And i must say K.L is left few years behind.

2. Shopping complexes in Bangkok are closed early as early as 8.30pm. Late buyers are not entertained.

3. I only knew that Bangkok has the enormous shopping complexes in the South East Asia. I thought Pavillion , KLCC and midvalley-the Garden are among the biggest. Later I found out it is actually combinations of few shopping complexes which are connected with sky bridge - thats cheating he he....

4. Food  in Bangkok is tastier than in K.L (in term of  authentic food) but K.L has more varieties.

5. The focus or main attractions between K.L and Bangkok are different. K.L is more for shopper and business traders but Bangkok is city for entertainment. ops!- i don't want to elaborate further on this...he he. But I believed that it is not they opted to do. Probably their financial status or economy give them hard time.

6. I like Thai language. It sound very soft and polite.

7. Overall, Thai's are very friendly even though sometimes a little difficult to communicate in English.

8. There a lots of places you can spent or accidentally spent your money he he...

I had a good time but i've decided that i'm a "sand and beach"  and "sight-seeing" type of person. But it a good experience tough. I need a really good food massage after this trip ended : p


D said...

wah you are back. have you completed your studies? :) said...

Not yet la D, had another a year plus.
I have more time foe myself now.
Thank for dropping by :)