Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Race : it just a state of mind

If u ask me to join marathon 5 years ago. I'll definitely say no. Fullstops. I don't think I can do it at that point of time : )

Long time ago when i was in primary school, sport and me does not get along together.
During the sport time i prefer to stay in the class and do some reading rather than spent my time in the field. Yes i know, it sound very nerdy he he.. (yes I'm a nerd he he) : P

Last Sunday, I did my very first 10 km Marathon which i never thought i may do it in the past. (after hard practice of course he he..) I made it in 1:05:36 which is considered good for my level he he.. I had a lot of fun on the marathon day and i have made new friends along the way.

After all race it just a state of minds. If your minds believe you can do it, then you are already half way doing it. Believe in yourself :)

P/s : My partner in-crime, GymmerDoc finished 12 minutes later than me he he...

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